• Big_243042373_l Baby Shakes (US) + The Squares

    Baby Shakes (US) + The Squares

    27. september 2007

    Kl. 21:00


    CC: 90

    Girl Group Invasion!
    New York City-baserte [=st]BABY [=st]SHAKES er tre smellvakre ungpiker (pluss en smukkas på trommer) som har tatt undergrunnen i USA med storm på rekordtid.
    Klassisk teenage punk/powerpop-låtskriving i gata til Buzzcocks, Undertones og
    Nikki & the Corvettes, framført med smittende sjarm, dyktighet & energi. Kom og opplev dette!

    http://www.myspace.com/babyshak es

    Les anmeldelse fra Deres siste album.
    Trust me on this, pop nation. Get this record, and your life will improve. It will bring you joy. It`ll make you wanna dance. You can even fuck to it if you`re really quick on the draw. Granted, I`ve been wrong before a couple times. I`ve been wrong before a couple hundred times. But I`ve been training hard, perfecting my technique, testing my theories against the greatest minds the bar down the street has to offer. This time I`m right. One good record could have been a fluke. But a great second record is clearly no accident. Baby
    [=st]Shakes have earned the rank of top tier powerpop group. This record`s more rocking than the first – even more Chuck Berry-influenced and far less “cutesy” in approach. Nikki and the Corvettes are still the most obvious point of reference. But here they also remind me of Tina and the Total Babes, or that great band from five years ago, The Pinkz (who were internationally loved, rightfully, but broke up after just two singles). This is what a 7" single should be: a veritable “double A-side” spectacular spinning at 45 RPM. There are no attempts at originality or serious expression. Just great, revved-up rock n` roll chock full of hooks n` harmonies, produced by The Man, Dave Rahn (who also drums on Side A). Do I have to say another word? Come on!

    Lord Rutledge January 31, 2007

    Support: The Squares